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fashion blogger jessica wang shares online courses on her macbook pro // Jessica Wang -

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Happy Friday! Everyday is really starting to feel the same on my end whether it’s a weekday or weekend. But since we’re headed into the weekend, I wanted to share some online courses that you might want to get head start on while you’re stuck indoors. There are so many online resources to navigate and it can be too overwhelming. So I’m sharing 7 that I’ve gone through and found incredibly helpful whether you’re wanting to hone your business skills, learn something new, or heighten your creativity. Keep scrolling for my picks!

fashion blogger jessica wang shares the best online courses on her macbook pro // Jessica Wang -

The Art of Negotiation by Chris Voss

This class is probably by far one of my favorite online courses this year. Chris Voss worked many years as a hostage negotiator for the FBI and handles various cases ranging from terrorist kidnappings to bank robberies and more. He takes proven field tactics from his career and applies it to the business world. He’s so incredibly witty that it makes this course easy to watch. If you’re looking to sharpen your business acumen, I highly recommend this Masterclass!

Self-Made Entrepreneurship by Sara Blakely

Another Masterclass favorite is Self-Made Entrepreneurship by Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx. She’s not just a successful business woman – but the youngest female self-made billionaire in 2012. What’s unique about Sara’s story is that she didn’t come from a wealthy family, had zero connections, and was probablyconsidered a failure through a large part of her 20’s by today’s standards. However, she went on to find Spanx, which changed the course of everything. In Sara’s masterclass, she teaches you how to build a product-based from the ground up.

The Science of Well-Being

Yale University’s “happiness course” has been one of the buzziest online courses yet – it has over 5,500 raving reviews! You can access the course for free and learn about the misconceptions of happiness, gain a deeper understanding of how the mind works, and develop new practices that will propel you in life and your career. Over 2.3 million people are currently enrolled, so what are you waiting for?

fashion blogger jessica wang works in NYC cafe and shares online courses on her macbook pro // Jessica Wang -

Creativity & Leadership by Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is no doubt one of the most recognized names in fashion. She’s done something right having been the masthead of Conde Nast for decades now. In her masterclass, Anna divulges how she makes bold decisions and evolves a brand. If you’re feeling a little stale when it comes to vision and creativity, this 2.5-hour course will whip you into gear. I love the case studies and Anna’s perspective on certain creative leaders.

Cooking Techniques by Thomas Keller

You guys know I’m no cook, but I figured now was the best time to learn. What better chef to learn from than Thomas Keller, American chef who’s won the most Michelin stars! I never thought I’d find myself enjoying an online cooking class, but Thomas breaks down some of my favorite meals, e.g. poached eggs, pasta, and more in super easy ways! His masterclass is broken down into two parts (here and here) – and both offer a wealth of info for even the new cook.

Search Engine Land’s Guide To SEO

So this technically isn’t an online course, but an SEO guide. However, it’s so thorough and in-depth that it might as well be a course! I love that it’s adapted for 2020 and is useful for anyone in the online space whether you’re a blogger, agency, or e-commerce business. As someone who’s invested a ton into SEO, I can tell you it really pays off over time. Get started on optimizing your site today!

Photoshop Manipulation & Editing Masterclass

With many of the stay-at-home orders extended, your creative boundaries are probably really being pushed. That’s why you should take a Photoshop manipulation course. While this isn’t really my style, I know tons of influencers who have created cool, unique images via photo manipulation. This course breaks down the tools and takes you through tutorials that you’ll be able to adapt to your own photos.

Have you taken any online courses throughout the quarantine? Share your favorites in the comments section!

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