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Once upon a time, a Chinese girl landed in Boston, MA. When greeted by her guidance counselor, she was told that her outfit was “too weird.” At that very moment, she learned that not all fashion was created equal.


Fast forward X years later, she settled into her new home in NYC, and navigated the finance world with a somewhat questionable sense of fashion.

In the concrete jungle where it’s as easy to get disheartened as it is to catch a cab, she soon discovered fashion blogs, and through them, she found empowerment and inspiration.

Fast forward a couple more years, she finally decided to start her own blog in hopes to incite the same inspiration she once discovered herself in a pursuit of fashion. But more importantly, she hopes to reignite the embers of a forgotten dream or maybe even spark the flames to a whole new aspiration.


Now let yourself go and let her whisk you away for small yet savory moments of bliss. Leave your office, your worries and your stress behind and escape with her into a world of fashion, travel and photography.



This is the journey of NotJessFashion.


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