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  • 7 Fashionable Earrings You Never Knew You Needed

    May 22 2017 73

    Earrings, especially fashionable earrings are one of the most essential accessories to elevate any look. To be honest, I’ve gone a bit crazy shopping for the latest, greatest fashionable earrings. After reading this list, you’ll see why, too

  • Your Guide For The Exact Skincare Regimen For Each Skin Type

    No joke, your best accessory is your skin and a skincare regimen is worth developing. You’ve got to really look after it if you hope to make lasting impressions and feel good about yourself all the way up until you reach your golden years….

  • How to Achieve Healthy, Rejuvenated Skin for Every Skin Type

    May 6 2017 60

    Today we’re talking healthy, rejuvenated skin. We’re talking the best products to get the job done. In order to know these products, I decided to test the market myself.

  • The Secret to Keeping Color-Treated Hair Healthy All Summer Long

    April 21 2017 17

    It’s always fun and games when I walk out of the salon feeling really good about my new hair, and then reality hits, and I think about what I actually have to do to keep it looking this good every day. That’s why I am so glad that Alterna’s Caviar Infinite Color Hold Collection exists.

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