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  • The Best 9 Ice Cream Spots in New York

    May 26 2017 69

    Like most of you, I am a huge ice cream fan, so it’s no surprise that I wanted to create an ice cream list to share with you all. New York is always the first in fashion and food. Follow the New York City ice cream spot trends and see why everyone is raving about these places.

  • 13 Instagram Worthy Brunch Spots in NYC

    May 18 2017 70

    No place in the world knows brunch better than New York. Not every brunch place does brunch in the same way. There are a few that definitely are a more Instagram worthy brunch than others. And let’s be honest, if you didn’t Instagram your brunch, then did you really brunch?

  • Your Guide For The Exact Skincare Regimen For Each Skin Type

    No joke, your best accessory is your skin and a skincare regimen is worth developing. You’ve got to really look after it if you hope to make lasting impressions and feel good about yourself all the way up until you reach your golden years….

  • Discover Puerto Rico’s Best Kept Secret

    May 15 2017 93

    Puerto Rico is an open door, welcoming visitors to revel in island life, glorious beaches, and Caribbean heat. But Puerto Rico actually holds some of the best-kept secrets, one example being Dorado Beach.

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