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  • Discover Puerto Rico’s Best Kept Secret

    May 15 2017 93

    Puerto Rico is an open door, welcoming visitors to revel in island life, glorious beaches, and Caribbean heat. But Puerto Rico actually holds some of the best-kept secrets, one example being Dorado Beach.

  • What should you expect from Baselworld: Coach Edition

    May 3 2017 28

    I’ve always known Coach to be an apparel and handbag brand, but discovering their watches with Movado Group during Baselworld was truly an eye opening experience. Coach is really all about this idea of heritage. It’s their uncompromising standards for leather craftsmanship and commitment to quality that makes them last in this industry for over 75 years.

  • Spring Getaway Outfits For Every Type of Girl

    April 30 2017 34

    Get your bags ready and sunglasses too, we’re going on a spring getaway! Every girl needs a getaway. And spring is the perfect time for it. The only problem? There are many different types, not every spring getaway needs the same items in her suitcase. Here’s your guide to a spring getaway outfit, for every type of girl. You know which one you are!

  • The Go-To Guide For Luxury Travel With Kids

    March 12 2017 11

    Luxury travel with kids sounds nearly impossible. Traveling with kids is hard enough as it is! With this guide to luxury travel with kids, your luxurious getaway for the whole family will be less of a stressful trip and more of a relaxing vacation—just like you wanted and deserve!


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