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  • 10 Things You Must Do In New York This Summer

    June 13 2017 102

    As if New York City wasn’t already cool enough already, it gets cooler, or should I say hotter, in the summer months. There’s always so much to do in New York, especially in the summer and each one is as unique as New York itself, so it’s well worth it to take advantage of the city’s perks.

  • Ultimate Packing Guide For A Tropical Getaway: Outfits Planning

    The very best thing about tropical vacations is pulling out a hot summer wardrobe that lets you show off a little skin and sport all the latest trends of the season. Here’s my ultimate outfits packing guide for a tropical getaway.

  • Ultimate Packing Guide For A Tropical Getaway: Essentials

    Before we hit the beach, and soak up the sun we have to pack. That’s why I’ve put together this ultimate packing guide to get you ready.

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