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Doodle Your Way To Beauty

March 29 2016 65

ChubbyDoodle, cliniqueChubbyDoodle, cliniqueChubbyDoodle, clinique
Clinique puts the fun in putting your foundation on. Clinique’s new Chubby Stick will have you doodling your way to beauty all the time. Doodling all day and all night with this foundation stick is going to be your new addiction, I promise you that. I speak from experience that this foundation stick is seriously so much fun to play with! The new Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick does it all. It takes the guesswork out of applying foundation and highlighting. You can get so creative with the Clinique Chubby Nude Foundation Stick, since there really is no right or wrong way to apply it. It’s all about doodling beauty fun!

There are different application techniques that you can use with your Chubby Nude Foundation Stick. Offering different types of coverage, contour and highlighting, you can really personalize your beauty routine with this miracle doodle beauty worker. The Chubby Nude Foundation Stick is literally like a magic wand! You can target specific areas and highlight certain areas. The Curious Kitty is the technique that is perfect for me!

Designed to lift and brighten eyes, the Curious Kitty is so playful to apply and the results are amazing. Let me walk you through on how to achieve The Curious Kitty. Simply draw three whiskers on both sides of your face, with the top whisker grazing your cheekbone. Draw on a little cat nose, and blend it all with your fingers. How easy is that? Quick and fuss-free to apply, this Foundation stick also allows you to build the coverage you desire. The fact that this requires no other tools than your fingers is the cherry on top–it’s perfect for gals on the go, like me!

A lot of tutorials and products have multiple steps. Not this time though, the Clinique Chubby Foundation stick will make getting ready fun, from start to finish. So whether you want sheer, all over coverage like the Tick-Tock, flawless full coverage like the Flower Power, blemish coverage like the Pirate Map, and contouring like Deer Me; you’ll surely have a fun time doodling your way to picture perfect makeup, and stress-free playful beauty. Check out Clinique’s website for more #ChubbyDoodle fun!


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