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As you may or may not know, Amazon is one-stop shop for my family. However, it can feel a bit like a treasure hunt trying to find everything you need. I love sharing Amazon finds because oftentimes, people never knew such great products existed. For instance, I dished out all my favorite hidden gems from Amazon on the blog last week and you guys liked them so much that I’ve decided to do a round up of my go-to life hack products today. Be sure to check out my storefront here for more affordable, useful, and fun products to add to your home!

life hack products from amazon, blogger kitchen, stella artois // NotjessfashionKitchen Gems

I don’t prepare salads when I’m at home because they just take too long to make… That was until I discovered this salad cutter bowl. It works for fruits, cucumbers, leafy greens and everything in between. And if you like your veggies julienned, then this 2-in-1 peeler and julienne works perfectly. It’s super sharp, well-made, and awesome value for the money!

Now onto storage, you guys loved the idea of reusable ziplock bags, so how about reusable plastic wraps? These beeswax wraps are an eco-friendly alternative. They’re effective, breathable, and anti-microbial. Plus, you can seal your food without harmful toxins unlike plastic!

life hack products from amazon, Chanel Vanity Bag // Notjessfashion.comCleaning Hacks

I actually love cleaning because it’s so calming and therapeutic; however, I hate how dry my hands can get. Enter reusable rubber cleaning gloves. These come with rubber bristles, so you can just scrub using your palm and fingers directly. I also love this nifty power tool, which makes life easier for moms! It removes grime, dust, and dirt effectively – you can use them on the stove, bathroom tiles, and those tedious, hard-to-reach areas. Perhaps my favorite product of all is this hair catcher for the drain – it’s especially essential if you have girls! This neat little tool saves the drain from the piles of hair that fall out!

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life hack products from amazon, green polka dot skirt, ruffle skirt // Notjessfashion.comBeauty Upgrades

Who knew your beauty routine could get easier too! This makeup remover cloth is an easy way to take off your foundation, mascara, and lipstick after an evening out. It removes makeup, oil, and dead skin cells quickly and leaves you with a squeaky clean face – all you have to do is soak the towel in water and work it into your skin. If you’re always losing your hair clips and bobby pins, you need this magnetic holder. The magnetic pull is super strong and keeps those pins in tact! If you’re prone to breakouts either on your body or face – or suffer from eczema, then you might want to try this probiotic mist. It’ll make your skin feel more vibrant, clean, and healthier.

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Wardrobe Tricks

Tired of buying stain removers that don’t work? You probably haven’t tried this Babyganics one – it’s marketed towards babies but works better than any adult version I’ve ever used. I also love this fabric defuzzer for removing pilling, fuzz, and lint on clothing – it’ll definitely come useful during fall and winter on knit tops! It makes clothing seem brand new! If anyone in your family struggles with shoe odor, give this essential oil-based mist a try. It keeps everything smelling fresh and clean – and it doubles up as an air freshener for the car!

life hack products from amazon, tech products for blogger, best gadgets for bloggers // Notjessfashion.comTech Hacks

If you’re a germaphobe like me, then you need this cell phone sanitizer in your life. Now, you can clean your phone without phone soap or wipes! Another one of my favorite tech hacks is this portable USB 3.0 hub. Given my line of work, I can never have too many USB ports available. I love that this one also has a sleek design! And if your phone is overloaded with music, videos, or photos, then get this flash drive – it’s such a great way to free up storage when you’re traveling.

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I have a ton more life hack products on Amazon listed here, so be sure to check them out! Any Amazon gems you guys can share with me?

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