For me, a new season spells new accessories be it shoes, sunnies, handbags, or all of the above. You can always go the high-street route, but I firmly believe that there is value in investing in luxe, high-quality goods. One of the most important accessories to invest in are no doubt handbags. You can get away skimping on certain items such as jewelry or a trendy skirt, which I’m also guilty of; however, lower end bags just don’t have the same craftsmanship as a designer piece. Plus, every woman deserves at least one beautifully constructed bag that she can carry for a lifetime.

Whether you want to carry that bag everyday or stow it away for special occasions, it’s worth getting your hands on. Even if you decide you no longer want it, bags hold resale value, so you can always sell it and get something new. That being said, meet the 9 luxury handbags to invest in this year:

1. Dior Saddle Bag

Luxury Handbags to Invest in for 2018 - Dior Saddle Bag //

Dior ran such a beautiful campaign on their Saddle Bag even I was convinced I needed it. Not sure if you guys remember, but this bag was featured on Sex and the City and has even been spotted on the likes of Beyonce. The bag returned to the runways during the Dior AW18 Show, and now, I’m expecting it to be everywhere as we head into the last part of the year. I’m a fan of the C + D hardware, topstitching, and interchangeable straps. It brings that vintage glam back into any look.

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2. Prada Cahier Tote Bag

Luxury Handbags to Invest in for 2018 - Prada Cahier Bag //

This Prada Cahier Bag is selling out like hotcakes, and I can see why. The ornate hardware is so unique and regal. I love that you can carry it as a shoulder bag or a top handle, making it go from day to night or casual to glam so easily. The bag holds its shape no matter what I stuff in it. It’s constructed of the highest quality materials and strongest craftsmanship, which makes it worthy of the price tag. You can purchase it as a timeless or statement piece since it’s available in a variety of neutral and punchy colors and textures.

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3. Loewe Barcelona Bag

Luxury Handbags to Invest in for 2018 - Loewe Barcelone Small //

Another bag that’s increasingly difficult to find is the Barcelona Bag by Loewe. I consider this a more casual, everyday bag since it looks as great with denim as it does with joggers. The triangular bag charm gives it that edgy Loewe flair. It’s a great size while still being compact and easy to carry, especially for errands. I love how easy it is to access when your hands a full. The leather is quite delicate so I find myself being more careful with it.


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4. Valentino Rockstud Shoulder Bag

Luxury Handbags to Invest in for 2018 - Valentino Rockstud Tote //

The Valentino Rockstud is no debut to 2018, but I count it as a great investment due to it’s distinct look. The incorporation of the signature studs were such a witty move on the brand’s part, which I think turned it into an iconic piece to own. The bag was updated with the VLTN style that’s definitely edgier and trendier. As you guys might be able to tell by now, I love bags that can carried in multiple ways. This one also allows for the top handle and shoulder strap.

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5. Chloe Nile Bag

Luxury Handbags to Invest in for 2018 - Chloe Nile Bag //

I have carried the Chloe Nile Bag so repeatedly on the blog that I decided to add it to this list. Not only is it the perfect size for a petite frame, but the novel shape makes it perfect for evening wear. I admit this bag is small – in fact, tiny. You won’t be able to fit much in it, so I’d only recommend it if you have a great selection of roomier bags to pick from. I love it for travel when I’m carrying the absolute minimum.

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6. JW Anderson Logo Bag

Luxury Handbags to Invest in for 2018 - JW Anderson Logo bag //

JW Anderson’s Logo Bag is another one of those versatile pieces I love. There are two features that I really applaud this bag for. First, the aesthetic – it doesn’t look too feminine like many of the bags I have showcased above even in the color pink, and second, it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and chain strap that changes the look entirely. The magnetic closure with the inside compartments allow for easy access, so you can easily get in and out of it. That’s why it was a fashion week fave!

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7. Tod’s Gommino Bag

Luxury Handbags to Invest in for 2018 - Tod's Gommino Bag //

One of the newer bags I got is Tod’s Gommino. The mulit-colored studs are so cute, but if you want something more neutral, there are options in pure black, white, and brown. The shape is also super adorable – it almost resembles a camera bag to me which is great for traveling and looks super chic on. The leather is so smooth and the straps make it pleasant to tote around. I think it’s one of the most underrated bags and therefore, a great pick for something outside your traditional designer bags.

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8. Chanel Clear Tote

Luxury Handbags to Invest in for 2018 - Chanel Clear Tote, Chanel PVC Bag //

Heading back at vintage glamour, the Clear Chanel Tote is a gem to own. We already know transparency, PVC, and plastic are a thing of 2018, so it’s no surprise to see this bag on the rise. If you’re not sure how to carry it, mix the playful style with tailored pieces, or carry it as you would a beach bag. I highly recommend concealing valuables with another clutch inside like I did during fashion week.

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9. Balenciaga Bazar Shopper

Luxury Handbags to Invest in for 2018 - Balenciaga Bazar Tote, Balenciaga Bazar Shopper //

Finally, we have Balenciaga’s Bazar Shopper. The most notable characteristic of all is that it’s unisex – literally everyone can carry this bag and not feel shameful or guilty about it. I love that it’s all about practicality and functionality without the boastfulness of logos and hardware. Although some people aren’t fond of the stripes and grocery bag-like style, I think it feels super exclusive and cool. Plus, it holds a ton of things, which I’ll forever appreciate as a mom.

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Which designer bags are on your wishlist?

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