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When I have a blogger event scheduled in the evening or the hubby and I plan a date night, I always relish in the time it takes to get ready. There is something so exciting about getting glammed up for a night out, in the town, whether it be big or small. I absolutely adore putting on my favorite music, doing my makeup, and choosing an outfit. Recently, I realized I tend to gravitate towards the same sort of elements when it comes to getting dressed for an evening out. I decided to summarize each and why they make me feel like a million bucks.

Here are 4 key elements for a killer night out look when it’s cold outside (so typical of Spring!).

1 Leather

If you know me by now, you must know I have a thing for leather. There is something so badass and feminine about the way it looks on.

Of course, a leather jacket is an absolute must for me in my wardrobe and it is one of my go-to outerwear pieces if I ever need to transition a look from day to night.

Yellow Leather Jacket Night Out Look //

Yellow Leather Jacket Night Out Look //



2 Over-the-Knee Boots

If you do not own a pair of over-the-knee boots by now, I highly suggest you go out and invest in a pair pronto! Whenever donning these mile-high boots, my inner ‘Boss Babe’ shines through. I feel powerful and ready to conquer the world…what more could you ask for from a pair of shoes? There are so many different variations to choose from too – suede, leather, heel, no heel. With this many options, you are bound to find the perfect pair for your night out look.

Pinko Yellow Collarless Coat & Steve Madden OTK Boots //

For an evening look, one of my favorite ways to style over-the-knee boots is with a skirt or dress. Not to mention, this is also the perfect combination for the transitional period of winter to spring that we are currently going through! That slight, tasteful thigh exposure between the outfit and the boot is just enough to add a feminine touch without being too risque.



Faux Fur Jacket Night Out Look //

3 Faux Fur


I was hesitant to include this one given that it is Spring, but since it is basically still winter in New York, I figured why not. I gravitate towards faux-fur a lot when I want to go that extra mile when getting ready. I think it is absolutely appropriate for any time of the day, but I do have a tremendous appreciation for the effect faux-fur has at night. It instantly adds a touch of luxe to any look.

My favorite way to rock faux-fur is through bold outerwear in unexpected colors and prints. You can layer it over top of pretty much anything for an instant wow factor.

4 Silk and Satin

Lastly, I want to touch upon silk and satin. There is something so glamorous and romantic about it that just cannot be replicated by any other material. If you want to be comfortable, but look fabulous, I highly suggest a little silk number. For instance, a silk slip dress with a leather jacket layered on top (see what I did there), would be a perfect nighttime look. Don’t be afraid to try silk on silk and experiment with colors as well!

Silk and Satin Night Out Look //

Are any of these your go-to for an all night out look?

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