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10-Step Guide to Smooth and Glowing Skin

March 14 2017 16

Everyone who’s anyone wants a face on fleek. Remember how your first contouring sessions went down? Ok, then, you see that these things take time. Prepare yourself to get smooth and glowing skin, but also prepare to put in the time and energy. Girl, it will not happen overnight, but with a little bit of dedication you will reach goals and goddess status.


The Go-To Guide For Luxury Travel With Kids

March 12 2017 10

Luxury travel with kids sounds nearly impossible. Traveling with kids is hard enough as it is! With this guide to luxury travel with kids, your luxurious getaway for the whole family will be less of a stressful trip and more of a relaxing vacation—just like you wanted and deserve!


How to Sport the Athleisure Trend in Spring 2017

March 10 2017 19

I don’t know about you, but this oh-so-hot athleisure trend that’s been taking over the runway and streets as of late has me smitten. And DSW has just the right footwear to complete this hot trend!


Looking Back on Paris Fashion Week

March 8 2017 28

There’s something so unique about PFW. The street style is soooo different from any other city. People go all out. It’s avant garde, chic, comfortable and feminine all at the same time. Those combinations sound impossible, but it’s so true! Paris is the most romantic city ever, so everyone’s feeling great which makes everyone attending PFW so creative and relaxed.


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