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Three Ways to Style the Perfect Summer Dress

July 3 2017 89

I love keeping up with the latest fashion trends. But, I also love pieces that are versatile and allow for tons of mixing and matching. Find the perfect summer dress is not always easy but I have been lucky to come across some pretty great ones. Here are three ways that I can style this perfect orange number.

6 Ankle Boots You Can Still Rock All Summer

June 30 2017 144

Summer shoes aren’t just about the strappy sandal, the exotic espadrille, or the sexy stiletto. Ankle boots can be worn in summer as long as you know what you’re doing. Let me help you with this one.

Day In The Life of A Fashion Blogger

June 29 2017 116

It’s a hard question when people would ask me about what is it that I do and how exactly does blogging work. So, come along! Rather than trying to explain what it is that I do, let me take you with me through a day in my life.


June 28 2017 97

Summer is in full swing… Free-spirited accessories are not only more fun, but also perfect for fully embracing summer styles.

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