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NYFW 2017 Day 1 Recap

February 11 2017 20

A blizzard decided to bring the island of Manhattan about ten inches of snow the night before the first day of NYFW! Thankfully I was already here, and know how to brave the snow-filled sidewalks and streets of the big city.

How to Wear Leopard Print Like A Pro

February 8 2017 21

Rawr! It’s leopard print time. Leopard is one of the best prints because it’s universal from season to season. It also comes in so many different separates, dresses, and accessories. Here’s your guide to wearing leopard like a pro!

Cluse for Valentine’s Day

February 6 2017 18

Valentine’s day gifts are surprisingly hard to come by, especially in long-term relationships. After a few years, you’ve already done so much—the flowers, the romantic dinner for two., the jewelry. For a holiday that’s all about celebrating love, it’s fun to add a little surprise—and practicality to the gift.

The Definitive Guide To Winter Layers

February 1 2017 29

Mastering winter layers is an art, and it requires patience. Yes, it’s chilly to the bone, but don’t go straight for the wools and knits—those come later! The key to winter layers is starting with some thinner, basic layers, and piling on as you go…

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