December 13 2016 13

I’ve been to Bali, and I know firsthand that it is a place that values community and tradition. Both tradition and community are interwoven into the artisanal craft of chain weaving.

Supersize Me

December 7 2016 23

When it gets overly chilly outside, it’s time to get cozy and comfy, toasty and warm with an oversized coat and some oversized knits. This season, size does matter when it comes to looking chic in your outerwear.

Holiday Giveaways

December 1 2016 20

The holidays are now fast approaching, and it’s my turn to give back to you! Want some hints? Here are just some holiday goodies I have in store for you: $1000 shopping spree with Neiman Marcus and …

Best Hair in the Room

November 30 2016 13

Bouncy, shiny, and healthy hair–that’s every girl’s dream. While it may take some a shelf full of products and tons of hours perfecting their ‘do, I stick to something that’s tried and true.

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