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7 Fashionable Earrings You Never Knew You Needed

May 22 2017 74

Earrings, especially fashionable earrings are one of the most essential accessories to elevate any look. To be honest, I’ve gone a bit crazy shopping for the latest, greatest fashionable earrings. After reading this list, you’ll see why, too

10 Key Spring and Summer Wardrobe Essentials

May 20 2017 117

It’s hard to shop for Spring because Summer is usually just around the corner – so I always try to think about key pieces that work for a Spring and Summer wardrobe….

The Essential Guide to Pulling Off Summer Stripes

May 19 2017 74

Summer stripes are an absolute must-have for the fashion obsessed. The best thing about stripes is that they’re pretty much always on trend because it’s such a classic pattern.

13 Instagram Worthy Brunch Spots in NYC

May 18 2017 70

No place in the world knows brunch better than New York. Not every brunch place does brunch in the same way. There are a few that definitely are a more Instagram worthy brunch than others. And let’s be honest, if you didn’t Instagram your brunch, then did you really brunch?

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