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Ultra Chic On-The-Go Styles For Every Girl

May 27 2017 41

Sometimes you don’t have time or energy to put into your outfits, but don’t worry. With some rearranging and creative thinking, you can have some solid go-to outfits this spring that can be used in a cinch.

The Best 9 Ice Cream Spots in New York

May 26 2017 69

Like most of you, I am a huge ice cream fan, so it’s no surprise that I wanted to create an ice cream list to share with you all. New York is always the first in fashion and food. Follow the New York City ice cream spot trends and see why everyone is raving about these places.

Dressed in Denim at Saks Fifth Ave “The Collective” Launch

May 25 2017 75

I’m still beaming because I had the opportunity to represent 7 For All Mankind, a long time favorite denim brand of mine, at the launch of “The Collective” at the Saks Fifth Avenue store in New York!

Instagram Outfits Round Up: Spring to Summer

May 24 2017 68

Styling looks from Spring to Summer has always been a fun challenge for me and it was definitely a formidable task to come up with these looks, but rewarding at the same time. I hope these ensembles will help inspire you to put together some Spring to Summer outfits of your own while the weather continues to test our fashion senses.

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