June 11 2014 3

Clover Canyon Skirt Clover Canyon Skirt Clover Canyon SkirtClover Canyon SkirtClover Canyon SkirtClover Canyon Skirt

I didn’t travel far from home this time. I stumbled upon this little sanctuary, hiding behind the dense foliage. A place like this is easy to miss, we unintentionally overlook these little pockets of paradise. It was quite a striking sight really. There is something enchanting about these secluded spots where nature quietly sits and waits to be noticed.

Standing here, with such raw and natural beauty around me, it inspires me and fuels me to create. I live for times like this. I live to feel one with the earth. I live to feel the wind on my face. I live to feel alive.

There is always an extraordinary moment waiting around the corner for us, all we have to do is open ourselves to it.



Bop Basics Hat / Clover Canyon Skirt

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