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5 Perfect Summer Outfits for Every Activity - double button white shorts //

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The warm and sunny weather that comes with summer alone makes me want to be more active and social. That being said, sometimes I want to get out for the day and enjoy time with my friends and family…but not necessarily spend a ton of money doing so. There are plenty of inexpensive activities you can plan for your weekends that do not necessarily break the bank. Keep in mind I am based in New York, but I am sure these activities are attainable for just about anyone no matter where you live. In addition, I wanted to share the perfect summer outfits for any activity so you can be fully prepared!


5 Perfect Summer Outfits for Every Activity - yellow sundress, flowy summer dress, straw tote, straw hat //

One of the first things that comes to mind is a classic picnic in the park. All you need to do is pack some snacks and drinks. Personally, I love bringing fresh fruit, bread, cheese and some sort of sweet dessert. Plus, maybe a bottle of wine as an added bonus. My hubby and I love taking time to go on picnics in the summer and my kids always have a blast. I seriously cannot think of a more relaxing afternoon!

For a picnic, a flowy dress is a great option as you’ll be sitting on the ground and would want something comfortable to wear. This is also a great time to play up the straw trend. Tote along an actual picnic for something trendy and practical. Or opt for a straw bag and even a floppy hat for a well coordinated look.


I am constantly checking online to see if there are any fun but free or inexpensive concerts that I can bring the whole family to. Even if you are not in a major city, check your local city because there is bound to be something going on that you never knew about!

I’m mostly interested in outdoor concerts where I can really enjoy the weather and light. I love embracing soft cotton pieces and robes that provide maximum comfort and always keep a hat handy for sun protection.

5 Perfect Summer Outfits for Every Activity - music festival outfit, coachella style //

Bike Rides

5 Perfect Summer Outfits for Every Activity - gingham matching set, charleston style //

On particularly nice days, fitting in a bike ride is a great way to enjoy the weather while also getting your exercise in for the day. You could also exchange it for your typical mode of transportation like the subway or Uber. Many cities have public bike share programs, making it easy to just grab one and go if you do not own a bike already.

For an activity such as this, comfort is also key. A printed, loose matching set is perfect for biking through the city on a hot day. Make sure you opt for cute sneakers or sandals and consider putting your hair up and out of the way!

5 Perfect Summer Outfits for Every Activity - chambray dress, embroidered denim jacket //

Local Events

I love to wear easy and fuss free garments when I am going to be out all day, especially with the kids! For local events like food fares, carnivals, or museum exhibitions, denim or chambray never fails.

In this particular look, I still kept it simple with an embroidered denim jacket and an easy dress, but snazzy with the mirrored sunnies and slides.

The great thing about being in New York is how you never have to feel bored. Trust me, there is always something to do.

Road Trips

Skirt and Shirt Outfit - Easy Outfits to Pack for the Hamptons //

Going on a short road trip is another way to get outside and be active during the summertime. Whether you’re headed to the mountains for a hike, strolling the nearby beach, or hitting up a quaint town, it’s a great way to get in touch with nature. I know how easy it can be to opt for your standard workout gear, but I encourage you to take your style to another level by meshing casual pieces like t-shirts and sneakers with a statement skirt or culottes.

I hope this inspired you to take action and incorporate some more fun and engaging outdoor activities into your plans this summer. Getting out and doing something is amazing for bonding with your significant other, friends and family. Just find the perfect outfit and you are set to go!

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