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Why Staycation Rocks

January 15 2016 83



I had the pleasure to stay at The Quin Hotel last weekend, a very posh hotel in New York City with luxe, cozy rooms. It’s less than 2 blocks away from Central Park and the subway is right around the corner. Their seafood restaurant The Wayfarer is nothing short of spectacular. Excellent for brunch and dinner! Now I’m totally drooling over the photos.

Why is a staycation good idea you ask me? Well, I have 5 good reasons.

1) Easy planning
No advance planning needed. Minimal packing. No lost travel time means more time to actually relax.

2) Less travel costs
Airfare is a big part of the travel expense. For a staycation, you only need to worry about the room costs.

3) Comfort of being close to home
Staycations allow you to be flexible with travel time. And I personally love the feeling of being close to home, to my kids. The last night hubby and I went home and picked up Hazel, our older daughter to stay with us at the hotel. We also took her for a little food tour the next day, which she enjoyed so much.

4) Seeing the city with fresh new eyes
It’s fun to pretend you are visiting from another city, and check out places you normally wouldn’t visit. Grab your camera, and you will be surprised by how amazing the city looks.

5) A little ME time
Nothing beats room service, a spa, and a movie in bed. Sometimes you just need to allow yourself to unplug from your hectic pace in order to be more productive.

A staycation allows you to be spontaneous, which means you can pack up your bags and go as soon as you finish reading this post. Are you convinced yet?

Thank you The Quin for making my staycation feel like a real indulgence! I am now feeling more relaxed and refreshed than ever!




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